Wes Anderson creates Castello Cavalcanti for Prada


Wes Anderson is a guy who loves his vintage fashion and the affection appears to be mutual. Prada has partnered with Anderson to create a branded short called Castello Cavalcanti about a brash race car driver played, of course, by Jason Schwartzman.

In the tale set in 1955 Italy, Schwartzman is unsurprisingly funny as the driver, and the Italian townspeople—particularly the bored/sultry barmaid and our hero’s elderly relative—are all wonderful.

Anderson’s commercials are always as beautifully assembled as his films, and now that he is getting comfortable in the branded short film market, his work feels like it really has room to breathe.

As always with Anderson, God is in the details. The pans, both quick and slow, are astonishingly long and intricate, and the cinematography is as precise as you’d expect in an Anderson flick.

The perfect costumes, according to Gawker, are by three-time Oscar winner Milena Canonero (Barry Lyndon, Chariots of Fire, and Marie Antoinette).

It’s a great few minutes, and perhaps the funniest part is that the big reveal of the brand is no more or less direct than in a Charmin commercial, but somehow it has that ironic-but-not-too-ironic sting you’d expect from the director.

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