Big Stories Come Alive on the Big Screen in Pathé Gaumont’s New Ad by BETC Paris

For French cinema Pathé Gaumont, BETC Paris has created a little gem of a love story, a true declaration of love for cinema but also a romantic short film in itself.

This is the story of two strangers who cross paths thanks to their common love for cinema. The young woman and man notice one another as they keep going to watch the same movies and something starts to happen between them.

The couple never talk, instead their story is told by lines from the cult movies they go and watch – Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Frozen, The Day He Arrives, Raging Bull, Forrest Gump…

As you’d expect from any decent French, romantic drama, the story is not uncomplicated but ranges from hope, jealousy and despair – will he get her in the end?

The almost three minute long film, aimed at promoting the Pathé Gaumont subscription service “Ciné-Pass”, is being broadcast in pre-session in all the Pathé Gaumont movie theatres.

The couple is played by Jade Rose Parker and Bastien Ughetto and the film, directed by Xavier Giannoli, is set to a romantic soundtrack “Tout Feu Tout Flamme”, composed by Michel Shepherd.

Source: BETC Paris

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