Homebase launch new creative platform in their first work with Atomic: ‘Feels Good To Be Home’

Homebase has launched its first advertising campaign since announcing its turnaround plans earlier this year and appointing Atomic London as the lead strategic and creative agency.

It coincides with the retailer’s Autumn launch of over 800 new pieces of furniture and accessories, the products themselves show a shift to a more quality product being on offer.

Homebase recently cited the appointment of Atomic as a signal of a ‘new and exciting future’ for the brand and the new work sees the launch of a new creative platform ‘Feels Good To Be Home’, a clear stake in the ground for the retailer.

“We knew that Homebase wanted something to remind consumers of its roots and the role that the brand has played in their lives over all these years. Feels Good To Be Home does exactly that and feels completely ownable by Homebase,” says Henderson & Bradbury, Creative Partners at Atomic London. “Together with the distinctive new music track we are really proud to be launching our first communications under this new brand world”

The work shows a notable and fresh take on the brand’s communications style. There is a clear shift towards a more emotionally led style of advertising, signalling a move away from the more direct response style of advertising that we have become used to in recent years from the brand.

Lisa Tickle, CMO at Homebase said “We are excited to launch our new communications that we have worked on with Atomic. We love the ‘Feels Good To Be Home’ line and we are looking forward to seeing it grow into a famous platform for the Homebase brand. This new work signals the start of our business turnaround and we can’t wait for the exciting times that are ahead for Homebase.”

Atomic won the Homebase account recently this year having won a competitive final pitch. The brand has previously worked with the likes of Leo Burnett.

Source: Atomic London

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