London Pride Unveils New London Marathon Push that Celebrates the Runners You Love to Hate

True to the spirit of the Virgin Money London Marathon, London Pride is all about great character, doing things the right way, and taking pride in epic endeavours.

Over the weeks leading up to 2018’s big event, the London Marathon’s official beer sponsor, London Pride, will be sharing examples of runners who aren’t quite up to the mark. They just don’t Run With Pride.

Whether it’s the shirtless show-offs, pavement hogs, or shower shirkers, one by one London Pride is calling these real-life running caricatures out across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. With each post they’ll be encouraging their followers to share their own experiences of the types of runners they love to hate with the phrase ‘How Not To #RunWithPride’.

Jenny Knight, Activation Executive at Fuller’s said, “Messages of worthy endeavour are always heart-warming around Marathon time and have quite rightly become synonymous with the London Marathon audience. Our aim is to tap into other relevant, authentic and colloquial attitudes that our audience can relate to, laugh with and want to share themselves.”

Captured across London in 10 different short videos or stills in an authentic, handheld style, each post will feel as if London Pride has canvassed the running community and been sent the videos direct.

The social media campaign was devised by creative agency ignis.

Carl Shand, Creative Director at ignis said, “We’ve all experienced these caricatures in real life at some point. Even if you’re not a runner yourself, you’ve probably had the misfortune of sitting next to the guy who’s run 15 miles into the office as part of his training schedule but not showered. It’s this kind of relatable experience that we’re looking to playfully exaggerate throughout the run up to the Marathon.”

Follow #RunWithPride to track each of the runners as we get closer and closer to the big day in April and the most famous 26.2 miles in London.

Source: ignis

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