Nicola Marsh of Mediacom Manchester appointed NABS Manchester Chair

Nicola Marsh, Managing Director of Mediacom Manchester, has been selected as the new Chair of Manchester’s NABS hub.

NABS is the support organisation for people working in advertising and the media. With a strong emphasis on improving wellbeing, it offers a range of professional development services free of charge for people at all levels in the industry.

NABS in Manchester is specially dedicated to helping advertising and media professionals in the region. It offers a range of events throughout the year designed to bring the community together, including speed mentoring, masterclasses and social evenings. In 2018, nearly 900 people attended these events.

Nicola says: “When I moved into a more senior role at Mediacom I began to really appreciate the value that NABS brings to the industry. The thing that is unique about the team in Manchester is that they are focused on the regional market. It’s really important to have a specific agenda to suit the regions for NABS to be as relevant as they can to the people they want to support. As NABS Manchester Chair, I’ll be keeping that agenda fresh, ensuring that what we offer stays relevant. I’d like to help more people benefit from the services and support that NABS can give.”

Nicola has worked in the media for more than 25 years across both publisher and agency roles. She worked for names such as Alliance & Leicester and Thomas Cook before joining Mediacom Manchester. She is also a trained and qualified coach.

Nicola succeeds Nicole O’Shea. Nicole was in post for more than three years, during which time she helped to increase attendance at NABS Manchester’s fashion show and organised and ran three bowling events that raised additional income of nearly £5,000.

Kate Harris, Regional Director of NABS, says: “Nicola has supported NABS for years and brings her passion for the organisation and for wellbeing in general to the role. She is also completely in tune with how we work in the regions, having been a part of media life in Manchester for so long. She’ll be a fantastic Chair and I and my team look forward to supporting her success.”

Nicola will be in post for two years.

Source: Mediacom

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