O&M Mumbai’s Tourism Campaign Shows a Stunning New Side to Rajasthan

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When we think of Rajasthan, the images that come to mind are forts, palaces, kings, queens, sand dunes, and deserts. The brief from the client was to change this perception: Rajasthan is much more than just these. The challenge was to attract youth, to make Rajasthan the coolest destination for adventure seekers and to make the state an exciting destination for explorers. The campaign needed to explain that Rajasthan is beyond what we imagine it to be, there are a billion different Rajasthans waiting to be explored.

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Team Ogilvy, guided by Piyush Pandey, Executive Chairman & Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather South Asia, who hails from Rajasthan, conceptualized a campaign that communicates just that. Rajasthan is how you see it. It is a bizarre discovery for some, and a fairy-tale for someone else. To some it is an adventure, to others it is extremely peaceful. Rajasthan is a destination of discoveries and surprises. Like the largest man-made lake, a hill station, balloon rides, scenic islands, waterfalls – anything and everything that you would never have expected Rajasthan to offer as a tourist destination.

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Azazul Haque & Mahesh Gharat, Group Creative Directors on the campaign, are eager to roll out the campaign and have this to say: “Working with Piyush on any campaign is special. But working with him on Rajasthan Tourism was altogether a very different experience. We had a big challenge in front of us. Changing perception isn’t an easy task. After several brain storming rounds, we stumbled upon a very simple idea. Rajasthan looks different through the eyes of different travelers. Through the eyes of Arya, it becomes Aryasthan. Through the eyes of Meera, it becomes Meerasthan. The campaign has shaped up well and we are thrilled to be on the team that is bringing about this perception change.”

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Vivek Verma, Senior Vice President, Ogilvy & Mather, Mumbai adds: “Rajasthan has beauty and to showcase it in a different light we decided to explore every nook and corner of the state. After much ado we found the unusualness of Rajasthan and realised beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. It is not about what Rajasthan has to offer but how you perceive it. I would say, come to Rajasthan, ‘JAANE KYA DIKH JAAYE!'”

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The campaign includes six films, print, outdoors, radio and an extensive digital campaign.

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