Rightmove and Fold7 focus on growing families in latest ad ‘Outnumbered’

Fold7 announced the launch of the next spot in the “When life moves, make your Rightmove” campaign. 

The campaign continues to focus on the dynamics of change in our lives – using relatable day-to-day experiences to inspire people to reassess their current home environments and consider whether their homes still match their needs and ambitions.

This specific 30’ execution, which will run across TV, digital and social over the Christmas period and into 2019, shows a father trying to find a brief moment of peace to read. He’s humorously interrupted by his twins playing the recorder and is later piled upon by his kids who cover him in stickers. He then relocates to the bathroom before being interrupted again.

Eventually, he resorts to sitting outside – at which point he realises, a move might be a good idea. The final shots show the family moving to a more spacious home with room for the kids to play, and it even boasts a big enough shed for Dad to escape to for some very much needed peace and quiet – for now.

The ad was directed by the award winning Nic Goffey and Dominic Hawley (otherwise known as Dom&Nic) and launches on Christmas Day. Notably, it will be shown in the advert break of Channel 4’s The Great Christmas Bake Off at 8pm. 

Ryan Newey, Chief Creative Officer, Fold7, said: “The Christmas period is a time when those on the verge of outgrowing their current home really start to feel its strain. We continue to tap into the more emotional narrative of a property as a home; showing the importance of our family spaces in a light and humorous way. Our hope is that this speaks authentically to the changes in circumstance that cause families to unknowingly be in a prime position to move; specifically targeting those in need of more space within the home.”  

Iain Kennedy, Head of Marketing, Rightmove, added: “Christmas is one of the many triggers points for people realising they need more space in their home, as it’s often the time when our home is most full. More than that, it’s also a time when people start to look to the year ahead, making January one of the busiest months for people searching on Rightmove. We hope this ad resonates with many people over the festive period, and that they come to us to find the perfect home for their need for more space.”

Source: Fold7

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