The most beautiful goal of the year

FIFA will award in London, the most beautiful goal of 2016 with the Puskás Award.

Among the candidates are true “works of art” from all corners of the world. But for ABTO – Associação Brasileira de Transplante de Órgãos (Brazilian Association of Organ Transplantation), the most beautiful goal of the year is not on the list. It happened outside of the 4 lines in July of this year: to save the life of his nephew, Milo, the Argentine player Alejandro Benítez, best known as Lulo, gave up his own career and donated part of his liver to the boy, who was only 9 months old at the time.

The news was divulged by the major newspapers of Argentina and also some channels in Brazil. Lulo Benítez played for Central Larroque, which competes in the Argentine Tournament C, and decided to stop his career when he found out to be compatible to donate the organ to the boy, who was born with a blockage of the blood vessels that carry bile from the liver to the gallbladder and therefore needed the transplant.

Not to let such an inspiring attitude go unnoticed, ABTO signs to the #PUSKASPARALULO movement (, created by Leo Burnett (Brazil), asking players, fans, media and influencers to share the story of the Argentinean and make this a goal get to FIFA. Maybe then, he could be nominated for the Puskás Award, in the largest ceremony of world football.

More than winning or running for the Award, the intent of the campaign is to inspire and draw the attention of people to be organ donors. Because one thing is certain: there is no goal more beautiful than saving lives.

Campaign Title: #PuskasParaLulo

Product: Institutional

Advertiser: ABTO

CCO: Marcelo Reis

VP/ECD: Wilson Mateos

Creative Director:  Pedro Utzeri, Vinicius Stanzione

Art Director: Breno Balbino

Copywriter: Fábio Nagano, Henrique Zirpoli

Client Service: Denise Millan, Renato Broggin, Luisa Prado, Henrique Assis

Media: Andrea Hirata, Daniela Franco, Heloisa Lima and Heloisa Goldman

Digital Producer: Pedro Rais

Website Producer: Estúdio Santa Fé

Social Planning: Andreza Aguiar, Fernanda Amadio 

Approval: Roberto Manfro (President) and Thiago Quintas

Source: Leo Burnett Brazil

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