Three Ireland launches Christmas ‘GrAnimojis’ campaign featuring new Apple iPhone X technology

“With the Apple iPhone X topping lots of Christmas wish lists, what better time for us to use its new technology than in our latest festive themed campaign for Three Ireland?”

That’s according to Rory Hamilton, partner and Executive Creative Director at international award winning Dublin based creative agency Boys and Girls.

He’s talking about “GrAnimojis”, the new Three Ireland campaign that sees grandparents and their grandkids sending hilarious Christmas messages using Apple’s new Animojis.

This funny and sweet festive 2-minute film has just launched across social media features real grannies, granddads and grandchildren experimenting with the new technology, which uses the iPhone X’s true depth camera to track thousands of data points, in real-time, and transform people’s faces into pandas, unicorns and….poo’s.

Created as part of Three’s ‘Make it count’ campaign, the piece demonstrates how even the most complex and silly technology can bring people together in a meaningful way. And there’s no more important time of the year to do that than Christmas-time.

Source: Boys and Girls

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