INNOCEAN launches Instagram Stories Automotive Video Configurator for Genesis

INNOCEAN Worldwide Americas launched two new, first-to-market online tools for Genesis Motor America, to make the luxury car shopping experience easier and also more fun.

In conjunction with the launch of the new Genesis G70 — INNOCEAN redesigned the website and took the best gaming technologies and the fastest-growing tool on a social media site, Instagram Stories, and created two new automotive “configurators.”

The first-to-market web-based Automotive Real-Time 3D Configurator can only be found on the updated website. The Instagram Stories Automotive Video Configurator allows shoppers to personally configure and build their new Genesis exclusively on Instagram Stories.

INNOCEAN led the creative and concept design for the two configurators and the new website. MediaMonks, Acme Digital Content and Digital Giant worked on the WebGL Game Engine for the Automotive Real-Time 3D Configurator on, while Digital Giant provided the CG renders for the Instagram Stories Automotive Video Configurator. Automotive Real-Time 3D Configurator

When visiting the newly updated website, shoppers will view a new Genesis G70, set on a digitally designed depiction of a Seattle streetscape.

They can then build their perfect Genesis G70, by exploring inside and outside the car, activating animations that emulate real vehicle actions including headlights, sunroof, dashboard, wipers and they can even pop the trunk open.

Upon final completion, users receive a comprehensive summary of their selections, including an image capture of their actual new car build that they can share with friends and family.

Instagram Stories Automotive Video Configurator

The use of Instagram Stories is growing exponentially, but never before have car shoppers been able to use Stories to personalise and build a luxury car. Initially tied into the release of the new Genesis G70, INNOCEAN created the first-ever Instagram Stories Automotive Video Configurator by tapping into the rapid adoption of this growing social media tool.

This exciting new configurator allows car shoppers the opportunity to use one of their favourite social media apps to build their new luxury Genesis G70 just by tapping through a series of Instagram Stories pages found at @build.your.g70. Exclusively found on the Genesis Instagram Stories, the Instagram Stories Configurator lets car shoppers tap different prompts to arrive on a physically accurate digital model of a new Genesis G70 on a Seattle city street.

There, they will be prompted through various Instagram Stories pages to customise their new car, selecting a variety of options for the exterior colour and interior colours. Shoppers will then tap their screen and be taken to the newly updated to continue building their Genesis G70 in 3D.

Source: INNOCEAN Worldwide

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