Levi’s Marketing Campaign Turns Vintage Tech Into Social Media Tools

As part of its Fall campaign, Levi’s has collaborated with agency AKQA, Stephen Hadinger, Matthew Epler and Mark Kleback, to turn vintage technology into modern devices that connect to social media.

Called ‘#MakeOurMark’, these “old-school” devices were modified to serve as a “bridge between past and present”—for example, an old 1939 Bolex Movie Camera has been modified to make posts on Instagram, while the Underwood No. 5 Typewriter can now post on Twitter.

The other two objects that were modified were a Gibson guitar that can make posts on Soundcloud, and a 1939 Graflex camera which can also upload photos on Instagram.

This creative project was also part of Station To Station, a project where film, art, literature, music and food were loaded onto a train that traveled across the country during the summer.

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