William Grant & Sons Experiments with First Dynamic OOH Campaign for its Glenfiddich Experimental Series

William Grant & Sons UK has this week launched its first ever dynamic digital out of home campaign for Glenfiddich and its innovative Experimental Series.

Devised by out-of-home (OOH) and location marketing specialist, Posterscope, working with partners Vizeum, the campaign seeks to capture the attention of whisky fans at the right time of day and week for enjoying a drink.  The highly targeted campaign uses location and behavioural data to determine audience hotspots and identify prime screen locations near on-trade stockists in major UK cities to drive footfall and encourage trial.

The Experimental Series from Glenfiddich is a range of ground-breaking single malt whiskies. The range currently features three experiments – IPA Experiment, the first single malt finished in India pale ale craft beer casks; Project XX, a project that brought together twenty whisky experts from around the globe to create one unexpected single malt; and Winter Storm, a limited edition 21-year-old whisky finished in rare Icewine casks from Canada.

Activated through Posterscope’s Liveposter platform, the campaign creative features all three experiments in a variety of executions with contextually relevant messaging based on location and time.

The work runs on Thursdays to Saturdays until October 6th on national roadside digital six sheets and National Rail, London Underground and Glasgow subway digital six sheets.

Gwilym Cooke, Glenfiddich Senior Brand Manager, said: “The Experimental Series is about trying new things, pushing boundaries and challenging traditions so we felt bound to do something different with our latest ad campaign. The ability to serve creative and relevant messaging to whisky fans at a time when we know they will be receptive to our communications, and close to an establishment where they can explore the range for themselves, was an exciting and compelling proposition.”

Rik Sudra, Senior Client Strategy Manager, Posterscope, added: “We are always happy to see a new client taking advantage of the unique capabilities that digital, dynamic out of home can provide.  By using multiple data sets and location marketing expertise, we can reach the right people at the right time and in the right place and encourage them into local establishments to taste the unique and unusual flavours of the Glenfiddich Experimental Series.”

Source: Posterscope

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